This July and August, Just Better Care is assisting older people and people living with disability to discover what’s possible.

We are building an Australia where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and participate in community life.

If you would like to learn more about the type of care and support services available, as well as government-funded options, simply tell us a little bit about yourself and we will be in touch.

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Starts with Mark

Mark was paralysed in an accident while riding to work. The accident changed his life in many ways, but with the support of his wife Vicky, and Just Better Care, Mark has continued to enjoy his life, the way he wants to.

Mark works out at the gym three times a week, and loves riding around on the modified bicycle he attaches to his wheelchair.

“With Just Better Care, I’ve been able to keep doing what I love the most.”

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Starts with Donna

When Mia smiles, her parents know they are providing her with the best life possible.

Mia has Krabbe, an extremely rare genetic disorder. Through Just Better Care, Mia’s parents receive the respite they need, as well as ongoing support and advice.

Donna’s daughter Mia has a terminal illness. Through Just Better Care, Donna and her family receive respite support to ensure Mia has the best life possible. “To have that love and support and know that Mia is being cared for, the way I would care for her, has just been amazing.”

One of Mia’s support professionals – Sharee – provides support three days a week.

“Our journey with Mia has been tough,” Donna explained.

“Having Sharee and Just Better Care onboard with us has been wonderful. Mia gets along really well with Sharee and we know that Mia feels safe – she’s happy and content. Sometimes when Sharee leaves Mia gets upset, but normally she calms down when we tell her she’s coming back,” she smiled.

“Mia does a lot of hydrotherapy with Sharee which I’m unable to do. She also loves her hair being braided and having her nails done. It’s nice for Mia to have that one-on-one time.

“To have that love and support and know that Mia is being cared for, the way I would care for her, has just been amazing.”

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Starts with June

As June runs her fingers lightly across the piano keys, she remembers the countless times she performed in concert halls across the country. Sometimes she is joined by her grandson, and together they fill the house with classics of Bach and Chopin.

Her support professionals from Just Better Care love to hear her play, and often place song requests. With the support of Just Better Care, June can remain living independently in the home and community she loves.