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Our customers know how they want to live. Our people know how to make it possible.

Every day, we support over 4000 customers to make their goals a reality with tailored disability and aged care support.

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Day Trips

Margaret loves the beach. She loves watching the waves roll and crash onto the sand, the feeling of the cool water against her skin and the sounds of children’s laughter as they build sandcastles and chase seagulls – and then the amusement as they get told off by their parents for chasing the seagulls and getting too close to the water’s edge. The cherry on top is a lunch of fish and chips overlooking Moreton Island.

She’s naturally adventurous and can share countless stories of intrepid journeys around the world, but for Margaret, a relaxing day at the beach is the perfect outing. It’s worth the 45-minute drive from her home just outside Brisbane, with her Just Better Care Support Professional, Sue. They try and make a trip out once a week, always stopping for a hot chocolate on the way home.

From big dreams, to everyday achievements, our customers make their goals possible. Just Better Care provides tailored aged care and disability support to communities in over 1200 towns and cities across Australia. Contact your local team today and find out how we can support you to make possible happen.


Catch Ups

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From Mornington to Townsville, Just Better Care’s 1,800 Support Professionals support over 4,000 customers across 1,200 cities & towns.

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